10115 E Bell Rd, #107 PMB 453 

Scottsdale, AZ  85260


Submitted by Victor V.

It went very well.  Scott showed up when he said he would, worked very efficiently, was honest and fair.  I will now also be using him for all maintenance on the pool.  I would also highly recommend him to others.  By the way,  I was out of state when I needed his services, and felt that he was very fair with me, and did not attempt to mislead or overcharge me.  That means a lot to me to do business with people of integrity.

Submitted by Jan A.

The provider replaced my pool pump with a new, state-of-the-art variable speed pump and performed a major cleaning of my pool filter.  Scott and his Ranch Pool Service team did a great job.  They were organized  and skilled in their work.  They explained to me what they were doing and why and wanted to make sure I understood everything to my satisfaction.  The installation is neat and easy to understand and maintain and it has been working without issue.  Scott made sure that I had all of the information I needed from the manufacturers, including operating and maintenance functions.  He walked me through all of these instructions and had me perform them under his supervision.  Since the installation, Scott has been very helpful and prompt in answering my questions.  I like the relationship that we have developed and feel my trust in Scott and his team is justified.

Submitted by Debbie-Lee W.

Scott Hall does everything necessary to take care of my pool & spa.  After 5 years of giving "a friend of my son" chance after chance to keep pool clean, fix issues and make repairs he promised to take care of.  I gave up!  Since then I have actually saved money & much anxiety with Scott and he is getting everything taken care of.  There was visible improvement FROM DAY ONE working with Ranch Pool Service.  Pool was immediately cleaner than it had been in 5 years.  He has made necessary repairs without incident and is currently taking care of replacing tiles that have needed replacing since six months after yet another local company yoyo redid my pool 7 years ago, then promptly went out of business.  Trust and loyalty are first and foremost in my life and Scott represented that and has not disappointed from the get go! I now consider him a friend as well!

Submitted by Sue P.

Things went great.  Scott responded very quickly and was able to service my pool on the weekend.  He got my pool filter back working very quickly which was very important due to the hot temperature in July.

Submitted by Bob C.

We replaced a previous pool maintenance contractor with The Ranch Pool Service.  We saw an immediate dramatic improvement in attention to detail, properly adjusting the chemical balance in the pool.  The team evaluated problems with the check valves, and the spa filter.  These problems were immediately addressed, and the pool now functions correctly.  We are very happy with Scott and his team.

Submitted by Joe P.

All went well.  Timely response.  Very professional.

Submitted by Jason B.

Excellent, reliable, thorough and always on time

Submitted by Jane M.

prompt repair when malfunctions

Submitted by Greg & Mary Beth G.

For the first time in 10 years, our pool became seriously green.  The algae was out of control and the pool developed a  cloudy haze at one point where it was difficult to see the bottom of the pool.  The water was also full of dirt and debris.  We have weekly pool service by another Scottsdale pool service company for many years.  When we contacted our current company, the owner and the weekly clean employee came out and the owner threw up his hands.  He blamed the green pool on the DE stainless steel filter.  The filter was not leaking.  The pressure was hanging around 35 to 40.  We were stunned that they left the property with our pool still green, without diagnosing what happened, inspecting the pool filtration system, and treating.  The owner's assessment was that the only way to solve the green pool was to replace the DE filter and backwash valve for over $1000.  Scott Hall responded to my call within 24 hours and was out treating the pool on his day of arrival.  He discovered that the filter's grids were 100% clogged; it appeared the grids hadn't been cleaned in a couple years.  He cleaned the grids, diagnosed a couple weak grids, replaced the grids with a fresh pack, backwashed the system, and treated the pool with chlorine.  He returned for 2 further chemical treatments and cleaned the grids 2 more times to push the DE through the system and out.  In addition, I backwashed the system every so often and added more pool shock.  It was a painful, expensive solution, but our pool was in knowledgeable, professional hands.  It was with great relief to have the pool returned to a crystal clean state. 

Submitted by Richard G.

Great as usual

Submitted by Brian F.

Scott Hall and his team at The Ranch Pool Service are nothing short of fantastic.  Almost anyone can keep a pool clean and clear.  What sets Scott and his team apart are several things:  Dependability - they are always there when they say they will be.  Not late, not missing the appointment.  Just always there.  Honest - they tell you the straight truth.  No lies, no half truths, nothing.  When you need service, you get the truth and options!  Ethical - I would trust them with any of my property as I know they will treat it as if it were their own.  If you need pool service, I would advise you to look no further than The Ranch team!!!  They are the best in the valley!

Submitted by Anne B.

Service is always good, and thorough.

Submitted by Jerry J.

Pool in great shape!

Submitted by Dan T.

The service is performed weekly at a very good price.  The price is kept low because the service area is limited to the immediate area - the savings is shared with the customer.  Friendly and efficient service.

Submitted by Thomas K.

great service

Submitted by Donna F.

I was in a pinch to get a replacement spa heater in order to close a real estate transaction.  I called The Ranch Pool Service and explained my situation to Scott.  He worked me into his schedule that day.  The heater was a dinosaur and he recommended installing a new one.  I needed is a.s.a.p. and he ordered and expedited delivery of the new heater.  It arrived as planned and he immediately installed it so my real estate deal could close on time.  He was always polite and professional and listened and responded to my requests.  I received great customer service and I will use this company in the future.  Thank you for a job well done.

Submitted by Keith N.

I hired them for a service.  They were so responsive and willing to work with me.  I liked their outfit so much that I prepaid for 6 months of preventative maintenance.

Submitted by John L.

I've been using The Ranch Pool Service for over 2 years.  When I first started with them my pool had a number of problems; fortunately none of them too severe.  In most cases it was a case of the previous owner's lack of maintenance and to some extent the usual things that go wrong over time.  I was very impressed with Scott and his crew.  They always get to the bottom of a problem quickly and efficiently.  When the motor that drives the pump was on the fritz Scott gave me the option of a low-cost rebuild or complete replacement (much more expensive).  I very much appreciate that Scott respects my bottom-line and never tries to sell me on the more expensive options.  He just lays them out and lets me decide.  In the case of the motor, he was very knowledgeable about current technology and patiently went over the benefits of upgrading to the latest & greatest (energy savings was the key element).  When I decided to stick with a rebuild there was no pressure at all; he just got the job done.  Perhaps more impressive was when the valve that regulates the water pressure went bad.  Scott felt the original designer/installer of the pool should deal with this problem since they could do so more cheaply and efficiently than he could.  Again, the job got done quickly.  The cost for the regular pool maintenance is very reasonable as well.

Submitted by Joseph S.

We payed $15.99 a week for four weeks.  It went very well.  He is a nice kid.

Submitted by Egbert T.

It was fine.  They come once a week.  I think it was like $18 a week. They are fine and okay.  We are real happy with them.

Submitted by: Ranae P.

Great service and very knowledgeable

Submitted by: Bill C.

I left my last pool service due to the serviceman not showing up and staying for 7-8 minutes when he did come by.  The result was a pool developing algae, so I called The Ranch based on Angie's List feedback.  They cleaned up the pool and serviced the filter for a fair price, and have provided excellent weekly service for going on 2 months now.  They do a good job.

Submitted by: Susan P.

Very happy with the service and support.  I will use them again without reservation.  They have my highest recommendation.

Submitted by: Constance O.

I am very, very satisfied with them.  It's an amazing deal with them.  They make sure that it doesn't turn green.  They do a good job and if there's a major storm that comes through, they make an extra trip out to make sure it's cleaned out.  They're predictable and they're here so early.  We'll continue to use them.

Submitted by: Stanley K.

I engaged the Ranch Pool service to do a weekly pool service.  They really just started about a month ago and so far all goes well

Submitted by: Florence D.

I was in New York and my son and his family were coming from Little Rock in March to visit us in Scottsdale.  The kids were excited about swimming.  My pool service told me that they were not able to turn the heater on and that I had to get someone else.  I looked in Angie's List and called a few but they were not able to come before they visited.  I was fortunate to reach Scott Hall, THE RANCH POOL SERVICE.  I explained my situation and he came the next day to check it out.  My husband took over for me while I was away and he was so impressed with Scott.  Very professional, explained everything to him and even called me in New York to let me know what was going on.  He repaired it and turned the heater on so I would have the pool temperature at 90' when the kids came.  I arrived home the night before them and it was so pleasant to have the heater fixed and the water heated.  Thank you Scott for making their Spring Break such a hit!

Submitted by: John K.

He maintains our pool and very large separate spa weekly.  He always shows up and is thorough.  He communicates with even the smallest of issues.  Very satisfied with the service and professionalism!

Submitted by: Marianne L.

Scott is very responsive and great to work with.  Very customer service oriented and committed to making the pool crystal clear.  I would definitely recommend him!

Submitted by: Joanne L.

Provided advise on needed repairs.  Very knowledgeable about city & county laws and about equipment.  Everything is going great and we look forward to a long business relationship.  It is has been only short while since they started to clean my pool but I was very impressed with their professionalism and promptness.  There were no surprises on price nor did they try to sell me on services that I did not need or ask about.

Submitted by: Steven P.

Weekly maintenance and cleaning for our pool is done well and in a timely manner.  they are considerate of our pets and are very punctual.

Submitted by: Kristan C.

Replaced motors for the pool and also for the pool waterfall.  Made suggestions for less expensive upkeep on the pool.  Always helpful and always professional.  Scott did such a great job my home warranty company reimbursed me for all of his costs and added him to their approved list of pool vendors.

Submitted by: Hessam S.

Identified a possible problem with the interior gear unit malfunctioning.  The issue was inconsistent floor sweeping.  After dissembling the unit and doing some tests, it was decided the problem was air leakage which was easy to fix.

Submitted by: Josef A.

We are very pleased with regular monthly service; a poolfilter was installed on prior occasion and repair service on automatic cleaners performed to our complete satisfaction.  the quoted prices were adhered to and work was completed in a timely and professional manner.  The charge for the weekly regular service are very reasonable; the best we could find.  We would recommend Ranch Poolservice to anybody.  To ask a pool service to help u on a friday is tough but scott went above and beyond to right all of the problems with my pool over a weekend.  My pool has never worked so well.  Very nice guy and very competent.  I would recommend him without reservation.

Submitted by: Julie L.

Cleaned up a neglected spa.  Agree to maintain spa on a weekly basis.  Found the Ranch Pool Service on Angies list.  Went very well.  Came out gave estimate of maintance.  Started cleaning spa.  Am pleased with service.  Very knowledgeable efficient friendly.  Does a good job.

Submitted by: Carl B.

Scott and his team are very responsive and helpful to ensure we get the most enjoyment out of pool and recommend maintenance and repairs when necessary.

Submitted by: Michael C.

Good service, communication and price.

Submitted by: Donna K.

Scott and his team at The Ranch Pool service have done an excellent job maintaining and servicing my pool.  They arrive in a timely manner when my pool needs service and charge me a reasonable cost for repairs.  The repairs were professionally done and we were very satisfied.  The Ranch Pool Service is courteous and friendly at all times.  They were recommended to me from a neighbor and I would highly recommend their service to anyone needing pool service.

Submitted by Marsha H.

Reliable, efficient, fairly priced and very quick to respond if there is a problem.  Highly recommend this quality company.

Submitted by Sarah O.

They take great care of my pool.  They know pool care and keep me alerted to what the pool needs.  Came right out when I first called them.  They come every week on their scheduled day.

Submitted by Chantal M.

They keep my pool sparkling bright and clean every week.  I can always count on their professionalism and consistency in expert care of my pool.

Submitted by Cheryl W.

monthly pool service - looks after diving pool and fountain in courtyard.  Has dealt with any issues immediately.  He installed a pump in our fountain, which stopped working after 6 to 8 months.  He immediately looked after replacing the pump.  We were not charged with emptying the fountain to reinstall it, which our prior pool company used to charge $75 to drain, even if the pump went bad under warranty.

Submitted by David R.

Consistently great.  Reliable, professional weekly pool service.  And, Scott managed a larger project including use of another contractor to repair a water feature for me.  He was great.

Submitted by Brad S.

I've been with The Ranch Pool service for a couple of years now and am incredibly happy with their service, price and professionalism.  They are very prompt and every Monday I know I can count on them to service my pool the right way.  Highly recommended!

Submitted by Jim L.

Excellent job of taking care of our pool.  Very responsive.

Submitted by Thomas K.

his work is outstanding every week

Submitted by Pat P.

Prior to employing Ranch Pool Service our electricity bill was exorbitant and our old pool service was unable to find the problem.  Ranch Pool Service came to our home, diagnosed the problem and fixed it.  Our electricity bill was cut by more than half!!  Scott and his employees are prompt, trustworthy, and professional.  I can call Scott any time and trust that he will address my questions and go to my home and check things out anytime.  We are in Arizona seasonally, so that is much appreciated!!

Submitted by Merrill M.

As part of the weekly service, TRPS removed any debris and plant litter in the pool, cleaned the skimmer and bottom drain traps, scrubbed with a brush all pool services under water, tested for and added needed chemicals, serviced the auto-chlorinator, checked pool equipment for evidence of problems, and adjusted pool filter settings as needed.  The Ranch Pool Service does an exemplary job of making sure the pool is sparkling clean and clear every week, and alerts us to any problems or periodic maintenance needs as they occur.  They have never missed a service appointment, and their people are respectful of our property and privacy.  When something needs attention, we have the peace of mind that they will let us know, then "own" the problem until it is resolved.  And their pricing is below any other pool service we have ever sought quotes from or heard about.

Submitted by Arquelle S.

LOVE Ranch Pool Service! Our pool looks beautiful and is so well maintained.  Scott is very attentive to anything that needs to be taken care of.  It's done promptly with timely notification and the fee is always very reasonable.  We are very happy with this service, Scott and The Ranch Pool service.

Submitted by Kenneth R.

The people are professional, responsive, have a can do attitude, all the while they are friendly and informative.  Their prices are reasonable and their service is great.

Submitted by Jerry J.

Matthew of Ranch Pool has been taking care of our pool for some time now.  He is always punctual, friendly and does a great job.  Very pleased!

Submitted by Robert G.

House is usually unoccupied, but when I am there the service is impeccable, and they don't know they're being watched.  I need a company I can depend upon to service my equipment and keep an eye on things when I'm not around.  These guys are great.  My previous pool company didn't even look at the equipment and I found a big leak when I got back to town that had been running for weeks.  Scott has given me excellent service - no complaints.

Submitted by David O.

Excellent service.

Submitted by Lorrie C.

Pool always looks great, and any problems with filter, parts, etc are taken care of quickly.

Submitted by Brian F.

The Ranch Pool Service has maintained and serviced my pool for the last year.  Scott and his team are punctual, dependable, honest and fair!  They always offer me options when it comes to needed repairs.  They've always done it right the first time and been a great provider.  I would recommend The Ranch Pool Service to anyone who needs pool or pool equipment repair and / or weekly service!!!!

Submitted by Ken B.

Pool always is clean and running perfect.

Submitted by Michael C.

Not only cleans the pool but helps fix a broken fence at no charge without me asking.  What more can you want from your pool service company?  It is consistently terrific.  Very happy with the pool services.  Furthermore Scott the owner is just terrific as well.

Submitted by Robert C.

weekly maintenance and advice very well.

Submitted by Jose R.

Very responsive and provided fair pricing.

Submitted by Carolyn C.

Sparkling pool--as always :)

Submitted by Jalynne C.

Cleans the pool, emails a invoice.  Always professional and easy to get ahold of.  My pool always looks and feels great.  The pool cleaning service and staff are extremely great at what they do.  They are professional and I'm always aware of what services they are providing.  They keep my pool clean, and running well!!y husband and I appreciate them and will use them for years for our pool services.  We would definitely recommend them to friends and family in the area.

Submitted by Mary A.

Great!  This pool service has been very professional and accommodating to all my family's pool needs.  I would recommend them to a friend or neighbor.

Submitted by Brian B.


Submitted by Scott R.

Excellent service.

Submitted by Shari R.

Each week the pool is clean and clear, they call you for any repairs.

Submitted by Ken T.

The y are reliable, priced fairly and are on call in the event of emergency service needed.  They do a fantastic job.

Submitted by Cleon S.

The Ranch Pool Service is the best we have ever had by far and we've been thru many.  Scott Hall, the owner is 100% trustworthy.  Their service is outstanding in all respects.

Submitted by Ryan H.


Submitted by Sam R.

He cares for our swimming pool and all that is involved.  We are very satisfied with the Ranch Pool services.

Submitted by Jeremy W.

Provider cleans pool on schedule and as requested.  Provider is available and helpful with questions.  Pool is clean per contract without disruption at almost the same exact time per week.  High value without having to direct provider on what is expected.  Last time I spoke to him was 8 months ago when I hired the provider.

Submitted by Joan A.

cleans pool, empties baskets, lets me know if pool is not performing correctly, or if a part is broken...  Replaces part for excellent price..  Very neat.. Enjoy seeing him..  Does everything necessary that needs taking care of....

Submitted by Angela/Steve P.

Always comes on designated day.  Cleans & checks chlorine levels.  Informs b4 cleaning filter cylinders (added costs appropriately). Shocks when needed.  Have had no problems whatsoever

Submitted by Catherine/Spencer C.

The Ranch Pool Service has always done a great job for us.  We have used them for a few years now, and we are completely happy with them.  We have no intention of using any other pool service again.

Submitted by William V.

A simple note on line gets service usually within a few days.  regular service is timely and thorough.

Submitted by Denise V.

My pool and spa chemistry are always correct, despite the fact there is a huge mesquite adjacent to them and lots of wind.  Scott cleans our pool once a week.  Most importantly, if there is a problem with our equipment, Scott responds immediately and charges a fair price.  We are one of Scott's original clients and week after week he has never failed to provide top quality service.

Submitted by Michele C.

We have been using The Ranch Pool Service for over a year.  We have been very pleased with the service and appreciate how promptly repairs are performed.

Submitted by Cheryl O.


Submitted by John L.

We've used The Ranch Pool Service for over a year and couldn't be happier with the service.  When we first purchased our home there were a number of "gremlins" that needed taming.  Scott and his crew were on top of everything from the beginning and after a few weeks the pool and spa have operated flawlessly.  They come once a week to do the maintenance and you could practically set your watch by them.  The cost is very reasonable and the professionalism of the crew is refreshing.  I would highly recommend The Ranch Pool Service.

Dear Valued Customer,


We are delighted to announce that The Ranch Pool Service is joining forces with Crystal Falls Pools, the Scottsdale area’s leading specialists in pool maintenance and repair.


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